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Andrew and Sarah Parry Norton from Storm's Farm in the New Forest

A family-run traditional farm


Storm's Farm

A traditional family run Commoning farm

We believe that stock that has been raised as naturally and as free as possible, produce the finest quality meat. We pride ourselves on an open and honest approach to our stock rearing, please feel free to contact us for any questions you might have.

Pannage Pigs

At Storm's Farm, we turn out cattle and sheep to graze the common lands during the Summer months. Pigs are released into the woods during the autumn (called Pannage) to hoover up the acorns and beech mast.

The acorns are poisonous to the ponies and cattle but the pigs absolutely love them with no side effects what so ever. These pigs are the next thing to being completely free, roaming where ever they wish. The benefiting result for us, is pork with the most incredible flavour and texture.

Pannage Pork is seasonal, normally ready in late autumn and Christmas but always in short supply and sells very quickly. We take orders for our Pannage Pork several months in advance so please book early.

If you have never tried Pannage Pork, it’s a real item on your bucket list for foodies.


Ruby Red Cattle

The cattle graze the heathlands and lawns eating a huge variety of plants and shrubs, this produces a uniquely flavoured beef, packed with flavour due to the marbling through the roasting joints. Our cattle, Ruby Red Devon’s are perfect for the Forest environment, native, hardy and thrive on the poor acidic soils of the Forest.

Docile and naturally polled (no horns) they roam freely and enjoy a completely natural environmentally friendly life. During the winter months, our herd is moved onto the fields surrounding our farm, grazing the permanent grass.

Only during the worst of the winter coming into our sheds to be fed natural grass silage and locally produced wheat and barley.

Calves are born in November / December and remain with their mothers until weaning at about 10 months. Most cows are now completely fed up with their teenage offspring and only too happy to have a bit of time off.

The teenage cattle are kept in groups in our fields, heading out on the open Forest once we think they are acting reasonably sensibly!

Our Sheep

The sheep, like the cattle, run the Forest during the summer months, the lambs are kept with the ewes far longer than most commercial farms. They quickly learn the ways of the Forest, the best grazing areas and watering places. The older sheep know their ‘haunt’ and rarely stray far from the farm.  

To produce a high-quality product we take the utmost care and time with our stock, frequently checking them each day often from horseback, as our grandparents have done for generations.

Each animal is known to us, from its first breath we care for it and allow it to live a natural life, eating only the best local foods. We believe this produces a product far superior to any you can buy in any supermarket.


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All our produce carries the New Forest Marque logo proving that it is reared in the New Forest and fully traceable

Visiting Storm's Farm

We welcome visitors to the farm, please just call to arrange a visit.

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Storms Farm
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